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More great news - Punk Globe Magazine (June Issue) Featured an in depth interview with Gail about her writing - both songs and books, her thoughts on life and The Catholic Girls Written By The one and Only Gypsy Poet Here's a little taste.

Okay, Gail! you are totally hot to trot here! I have to ask, how is the album doing so far?

Gail Petersen:
The album is doing amazingly well. We are totally indie and yet we're able to reach a really broad audience. We have 4 fabulous reviews so far, including Punk Globe, and I certainly hope there are more are to come. The CD is selling well from our website - and it's also on Amazon! KISS ME ONE MORE TIME is also available for digital download on ITunes and more! ..

Gail Petersen:
The theme (although the songs are not in a concise order that might suggest this) is the various stages of a relationship. There's the initial sexual attraction with "Kiss Me One More Time", to really feeling that love has saved you, as in "Rock Bottom", then there's the reality of dealing with a relationship that not everyone approves of, and here, the example is a witch in love with a human man. That's her only real flaw; not anything regarding witchcraft - That's the case in "Only Guilty". Then we move to finding out the one you love is cheating (you can't believe it, but it's actually true) in "Where's The Logic". Moving to the deepest grief in "God Made You"... moving to the realization that a particular man is basically flawed and will never have anyone to love in "Shame On You"... to looking for someone new (now that the relationship is over) in "Down at The Shore". The only song not dealing with a guy is "Breaking All The Rules" which is our anthem for girl rockers everywhere who had to make it in what's basically a musical boys club.

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The Catholic Girls are:
Gail Petersen (lead vocals/rhythm guitar)
Roxy Andersen (lead guitar/backing vocals)
Doreen Holmes (drums and percussion)
and Steve Berger (bass guitar)

The Sound

Powerful rock with a wave/punk influence, strong pop melodies, pounding guitars, a driving beat and great vocals.

The Story Then

The Catholic Girls were born when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA and Australia as well as a special Armed Forces Edition. They embarked on 2 national tours, received widespread commercial airplay and debuted on MTV to the music of their new wave anthem, Boys Can Cry. In 1999, the original album was revived and released in CD format, and fans from the 80s were thrilled to have the girls in plaid back, as were many new fans they were making along the way. In 2002, the band released Make Me Believe as their first indie CD, embarked on a tri-state tour (NY/NJ/PA), opened for acts like Dave Davies of the Kinks, Gene Loves Jezebel and performed at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood at The International Pop Overthrow Festival. The Asbury Park Music Awards nominated them for Top Rock Band of the Year and their video, Make Me Believe, reached the charts in Billboard. In 2004, their CD single, Summer Vacation/Rock’n America (a tribute to Joey Ramone) was released nationally, followed by a full length CD, Meet the Catholic Girls. Both gained momentum with college and Web airplay and glowing reviews. Meanwhile, the band made history in the 1/06/06 copy Goldmine Magazine when their first 45 single Boys Can Cry was selected by readers to be part of The Ultimate Rock'n Roll Jukebox (The Top 200 songs ever that must be included on any jukebox)! They were in good company on the list including The Beatles, The Stones, The Ramones and Blondie! Then, Little Steven (of The E Street Band and Sopranos fame) saw them play live one night and instantly converted. Rock’n America, was now played on a regular basis on his internationally syndicated radio show, The Underground Garage. It was later included on his Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 7 CD . Bill Kelly, a long-time altar boy was also broadcasting the single on Sirius Satellite Radio, and Genya Ravan (also on Sirius), featured CG songs on her shows, Goldie’s Garage and Chicks and Broads. Both songs additionally got airplay at hundreds of college, internet, and commercial radio such as WRAT, WNTI, WFMU, WPRB, WTSR, WDIY, Cybertorm Radio, BlowUpRadio, IHeart Radio, and This is Rock'n roll Radio.

And More Now

The Catholic Girls are (finally) exposing themselves to spread the Gospel of Rock from The Vatican to Your iPhone and beyond! Their latest full-length CD, THE CATHOLIC GIRLS—EXPOSED! was released in 2012. The front cover is an homage to film noir (Gail loves Noir) and 1940s detective novels (Roxy always wanted to be a detective!) and inside, there are 13 tracks that include something for everyone. There’s rock, pop, garage, blues, and a ballad inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Rebecca—but it’s all just great rock’n roll! The CD’s lyrics as always, are far more than fluff with themes that range from any girl’s confession of true love, a mystery celebrity crush, a crash course on heartbreak—to true loss, sleep deprivation, rebellion, insomnia, sex deprivation, Alfred Hitchcock, the end of the world, and more; all breaking loose with guitars in hand. With exposure comes transformation, and as the band’s horizons have expanded, so has the energy that drives The Catholic Girls themselves to continually change. For now, they’ve thrown out the plaid skirts and schoolgirl attire and are focusing less on image and more on the music itself. There was a time when The Catholic Girls set out to prove they could play with the boys. This is now undisputed, and today’s Catholic Girls prove conclusively, again and again, that they can break all the rules and rock the house with anyone, in any venue, any time, any place, anywhere!


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